Ensuring that your products arrive around the corner or around the world Action-Ready in perfect condition is crucial. Who is anchoring your team’s efforts? The stakes are high. So are the associated costs related to repair, downtime and replacement of damaged goods and equipment. That is why for more than 30 years industry looks to Topax Protektive Packaging for engineered end-to-end solutions to protect valuable goods and equipment throughout their lifecycle.

We begin with an in-depth analysis of the lifecycle journey for each component. Consideration is given to every step along the journey:

  • Space optimization and specialized platforms for secure movement between manufacturing processes, both in-house and off site.
  • Protective packaging requirements to move components through the transportation chain.
  • Reusability of packaging for offline staging, storage and reverse-logistics.
  • Action-ready dry corrosion protection needs.

We identify the required resources, engineer the packaging assets and document the management process at every touchpoint.

Our trained technical teams are available to execute onsite installation services. Our traffic and logistics department documents and tracks each unit.

For clients that require Anti-Corrosion applications, our Protektite Division provides on-demand Anti-Corrosion products and solutions.

We partner with you every step of the way to develop a complete process that will maximize the lifetime value of your goods and equipment. Wipe out preparatory cleaning and downtime related to retrieving components and equipment, for easier installation.