At Topax, consistent quality assurance is one of the pillars we have built our business upon. Attention to detail has contributed greatly to our success. Adhering to strict process guidelines enables us to provide the highest quality products and services that our clients demand.

TQM, our quality program is compliant with CSA Z299.3 and includes detailed procedures and specifications for all facets of our operations, processes and products.

  • All projects are tracked and traced from the time your product enters our facility up until completion and final documentation.
  • Pre-production inspections are carried out either at our facility or at the point of origin to verify the requirements of the project. Verified designs and technical drawings provide the best solutions for the special characteristics of your product and the toughest leg of the journey.
  • Multistage inspections and hold points ensure that all intermediate production processes meet specifications, and that proper protective packaging is tailored to meet the unique characteristics of your product.
  • Final inspections make certain that the protective packaging commissioned for the shipping of your valuable cargo, will arrive at its destination in good condition and is prepared for the required period of storage or lay-up.

At Topax we believe that providing an excellent work environment is conducive to quality workmanship, which is reflected in our final product and service to our customers.

Our Quality Assurance Manual is available upon request for customer audits.