In a nuclear facility, each part; each tool; each piece of equipment must meet the highest engineering and fabrication standards. Tolerances are measured very precisely. Likewise, standards for maintenance and cleanliness are uncompromising. The stakes are high and so are the associated costs related to repair or replacement of damaged components and the accompanying downtime.

Topax supports our nuclear power clients with services that include:

  • Nuclear Zone 1 and 2 trained technical teams
  • Z299.3 compliant QA program
  • Tested and certified cleaning and preservation processes meeting nuclear requirements
  • FME Controls
  • NDCARP program that delivers the capability for Action Ready Packaging

Our goal is to deliver improved safety and efficiency for transportation and storage, reduced purchasing cycles, multi-operation protection and improved conveyance efficiency.

That is why the nuclear industry looks to Topax Protektive Packaging for engineered end-to-end solutions to protect valuable components through their lifecycle.


Producers, utilities and suppliers to the energy industry encounter varied and unique challenges with respect to the protection, movement and staging of equipment and parts. Vast and remote geography, movement of heavy equipment and staging of back up assets in often unfriendly environments require a strategic approach.

Topax partners with our energy clients to develop protection strategies through the manufacturing, transportation and staging chain. Our unique approach will ultimately improve conveyance efficiency, extend product life and reduce downtime due to the preparatory cleaning of staged back up assets.


Exacting safety standards, and precision engineering and hair-thin extremely accurate tolerances exemplify the challenging environment that the Aerospace industry operates within.

The processes and safeguards that Topax employs as standard operating procedures are crucial to our aerospace clients:

  • Parts protection through all stages of manufacturing and processing
  • Pack density optimization
  • FOD controls
  • Z299.3 compliant QA program

Partner with Topax and enjoy the benefits of improved safety and efficiency for transportation and storage, reduced purchasing cycles and improved conveyance efficiency.


Heavy equipment, vast geography, remote locations, severe environments – these are just some of the challenges that are the every-day reality in the mining industry. They are also the same challenges that allow us to drive tremendous value for our mining clients.

Typical of the products and services we provide include:

  • Expert protection for heavy equipment and machinery
  • Action-ready long term preservation
  • Project marshalling
  • Product life extension

The Topax team will develop a comprehensive strategy that will ensure your equipment and supplies are protected through transport and are staged and action-ready onsite.


Movement of products through the transportation chain is the single biggest challenge to the safety of goods, equipment and to the people handling them. Impact protection, space optimization and pack density optimization all have net effects right down to the bottom line.

Our transportation clients know that Topax will meet each challenge head on and provide comprehensive packaging services and strategies that will provide optimum protection and enhanced efficiencies – a win-win combination that allows them to enhance their own service offering and win more business!