A small footprint is good business. At Topax, we are committed to protecting the environment and advocate sustainable practices within our business and throughout our community.

Topax and The Three R’s

Reduce – Our focus on engineered package design results in optimized use of materials and streamlined final packaging designs. Less material is good for the environment and a smaller physical footprint helps reduce transport and storage costs.

Reuse – Intrinsic to our design for goods and equipment that have ongoing storage or transportation needs after initial delivery. Reusable packaging solutions ensure that you are maximizing budgets and minimizing waste.

Renew – At Topax we do our best to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable planet. We purchase the majority of our lumber from independent companies that practice sustainable forestry. All of our wood waste is recycled in Canada, as agricultural mulch and as re-manufactured products. Our cardboard, metal and plastic waste is sent out for recycling.

Our Products

Our VCI products are nitrite free for a healthier workplace. Our foil film barrier material is manufactured with less materials while providing maximum strength. It provides excellent performance with reduced processing time using less energy.

Wood is the best choice for packing. It’s carbon neutral, requires less energy to process, easily repurposed and delivers quality products into the bargain. See http://naturespackaging.org/why-wood/ for more information.

Supporting Environmental Research

Topax supports the University of Toronto SAE Research Team which builds trial vehicles that experiment with alternate materials and design. They build high powered internal combustion engine race cars that are very fuel efficient. The Topax design team and our specialized builders cooperate with U of T engineering students to produce custom, reusable transport cases for each new vehicle model. This enables the Team to participate in competitive testing events around the world.

Topax also supports the University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Car Research Team which designs and builds solar powered race vehicles. The team enters each new generation of solar powered vehicle in long distance races in places like Australia. Topax provides custom reusable transport cases for each new vehicle model. Topax is proud to be a sponsor of these University of Toronto Environmental Research initiatives.

Volunteering Our Services for Bartley Smith Greenway

The Bartley Smith Greenway is an environmental restoration project of the East Don River valley in the City of Vaughan. Topax volunteered both personnel and materials for bridge building and tree planting for the 5 year life of the project. There is now a scenic pathway through the valley. Waterways and marshes have been restored. Birds and other animals have returned to their new habitat. The Bartley Smith Greenway provides a touch of nature in a heavily industrialized area and connects to pathways that lead into the city of Toronto.